During his professional career, he worked for leading advertising agencies such as McCann Erickson İstanbul, Rafineri, HappyPeopleProject, and Alametifarika. He became known as the “Awarded Art Director” and received numerous awards at both national and international festivals (including Cannes Festival, Effie Awards, Crystal Apple, Turkish Graphic Design Exhibition, World Packaging Organisation). He acted as the Art Director of various international brands, as well as leading Turkish brands, in advertising and visual communication branches. He took active parts in rebranding and brand development processes. In 2015, he opened Merhaba Pazartesi Communication and Design Office in Istanbul and started rendering services for his own clients. He provided communication consultancy services for brands with a growth potential, which recently started branding in Turkey, and helped numerous brands in their institutionalization journey. He carried out large-scaled projects for leader brands in Turkey, which required communication and design at the same time. In 2018, he became a board member of GMK (Occupational Association for Graphic Designers), which is an association that represents graphic designers in Turkey. To help develop the occupation nation-wide and increase interaction between designers; he conducted numerous projects, attended seminars, and organized and attended exhibitions. Furthermore in 2010, he started publishing a Fanzine/journal with a music, design, and literature-based content called “Seyyar Sesler”. He published 8 issues within these 10 years and distributed them in many Turkish cities. He continues to work on advertisement art directing, corporate identity design, brand strategy developing, illustration, and animation. He likes to feed on various disciplines and work with versatile and creative teams; he keeps on researching new disciplines to ensure that. He keeps on developing himself by writing short stories, playing drums and going on road trips with his motorcycle.

  • Nurol GYO
  • Good Ad Lab
  • PSH Pırlanta
  • Robotat Surf Band
  • Fame Medya
  • Ziraat Bankası
  • Eastern Sunrise Films
  • ES Film
  • Alldstudio
  • Arçelik
  • Beko
  • AFI
  • 1- Crystal Apple - Press / Corporate image / Ziraat Bank ''Football Machine''
    2- Crystal Apple - Press / Sports / Ziraat Bank ''Football Machine''
    3- Crystal Apple - Press / Sports / Ziraat Bank ''Football Machine''
    4- Crystal Apple - Campaigns / Press campaign / Ziraat Bank ''Football Machine''
    5- Crystal Apple - Excellence in practice / Typography / Ziraat Bank ''Football Machine

  • Cannes young lions 2012 Turkey 3. in Print category
    honor date Apr 2012
    Cannes young lions 2011 Turkey 2. in Print category
    honor date Apr 2011

  • 31. Graphic Design Exhibition Achievement Award
    honor dateJun 2012 honor issuerGMK (Turkish Society of Graphic Design) Calendar Design Award

    32. Graphic Design Exhibition Achievement Award
    honor dateNov 2013 honor issuerGMK (Turkish Society of Graphic Design) Periodical and Press Ad Design Award

  • 2013 Worldstar Awards / Istanblue Vodka 20cl Bottle